After months of country-wide and dedicated service, Pagh Vala is immensely delighted to announce the official launch of our shervani & menswear section. This collection will now be exclusively open for all our clients to view alongside our already infamous turban collection.
For your wedding festivities, carefully selected and crafted catalogues of Sherwanis are now available from the Pagh Vala store. All clothing is sourced from highly reputable suppliers. The quality of this clothing is meticulously designed to ensure Pagh Vala Groom’s feel comfortable, prestigious and awe-inspiring.
Illustrating the collection above, it is evident to see the intricate and authentic layers of the Sherwani collection that is now available. From the varying colour schemes to the patterned designs and the expertly embroidered rhinestone mastery, everything is organised in order to accomplish one outcome: prominence.
If prominence is your goal, make Pagh Vala your target for the perfect look.
Groom wearing bespoke sherwani