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This page should answer most of your questions. Feel free to contact us if you need any other information or simply wish to book us for your special event.

The below applies for the Punjabi Turban

01 - Do you offer one to one consultations?
Yes. Consultations are chargeable and are done in west London. However, consultations are not needed. We are known for our expertise in turban tying and more specifically the sizing! On the morning of your wedding we will size up your turban and tie it for your big day.

02 - What length turban do I need to buy?
We recommend that you buy an 7.5 metre turban with a Peeko seen in the middle. If we feel on the day the length is too big we can downsize the turban very quickly. You can even purchase turbans directly from Pagh Vala shop our turban collection.

03 - What material of cloth should I buy for my turban?
We recommend a material called "full veil" or "full voile” it is available to buy on our website.

04 - Do I need to do anything to the turban to get it ready?
Yes. Step one is to get it stitched. Any Panjabi tailor can take care of this for you. All you have to tell them is that you need to get your turban stitched and they will know exactly what to do. The next step is to wash the turban. Run it through your washing machine. No detergent required only fabric softener and hang to dry. This takes out the starch out of the material and ensures greater comfort when the turban is tied.  We can complete these steps for you if you buy from our site.

05 - Is there anything else that I need?
Yes. You will need what is referred to as a "fifty". This is a bandana that goes underneath the turban and should match your outfit. Usually white or cream in colour. 

06 - I'm ready to book you, what do I do?
Use our booking form and send us the groom's name, full address and contact info. We will get back to you within 48 hours with a booking confirmation and information on where to transfer the deposit required to complete the booking!
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